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Frequently Asked Questions

We've heard it all before, so let us help you get started. If there are any other questions our team of appraisal experts is standing by to assist.

Currently, there are no restrictions regarding the sale, ownership, or purchase of rare coins. This provides certain tax and privacy advantages.  However, it does not guarantee in the future that these benefits will not be restricted or totally removed by government regulation. California residents should add 8% sales tax to purchases under $1,500.  No sales tax on purchases over $1,500.

If you wish to sell your coins in the future.  San Diego Coin Buyers encourages you to offer them to us first.  We cannot guarantee to make a bid on every coin or that our bid will equal or exceed that from other coin dealers.  What we can guarantee is that we are extremely strong buyers of DMPL dollars, Peace Dollars, Seated Dollars, Trade Dollars, Proof Type in Cameo and Deep Cameo, and other high grade coins.

Yes!  We can not guarantee at what price we would repurchase a coin at, but if we sold it, we would most certainly buy it back.

Yes, please inquire at or call 619-993-1206.

Yes.  Besides buying and selling certified coins, we do buy and sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins for investment.  Credit cards may not be used for these purchases as the fee we are charged by the credit card companies is often more than our margin.  There purchases are completed by cash, cashier check, bank wire, or personal check.  All checks will need to clear our bank before the items can be released (usually 7 business days).  Cash purchases in excess of $10,000 will require an IRS form 8300.  Bank wires, cashier checks, and personal checks do not require Form 8300, regardless of the amount purchased.

The coin market is volatile and thinly capitalized.  Therefore, making it subject to substantial fluctuations including significant and rapid increases and decreases in value from time to time.  Investors must be able to assume the risk of such price fluctuations.  For that reason, rare coins are not a suitable investment for everyone.  Due to market volatility, all prices are subject to change.  In the event there is a price change on your order, you will be notified and given the option of accepting the price change, dropping the item from your order, or cancelling your order altogether.

No claim may be filed by a customer in connection with a particular coin more than one year after that coin was purchased by the customer regardless of when the customer became aware of the claim.  This agreement is performable in and subject to the laws of San Diego County, California.  We are not perfect, and we do make mistakes from time to time.  As such, we reserve the right to refuse to sell any item that is improperly priced or whose price is the result of a web page or programming error.  Coins removed from original holders are considered SOLD and non-returnable.  All items are subject to prior sale and may have limited availability. 

Grades and descriptions of rare coins are opinions, not statements of fact or guarantees, and are based on standards and interpretations that can and do change over time.  San Diego Coin Buyers uses contemporary grading standards and interpretations to grade coins and relies upon the opinions or independent grading services such as the Professional Coin Grading Service, The Numismatic Guaranty Corp, and ANACS.  Each of these grading services is recognized by the coin industry for its expertise.  Each firm guarantees the grade and certifies each coin to be authentic.  San Diego Coin Buyers relies upon those guarantees in selling coins.  However, we do not guarantee that the coins we sell will achieve the same grade from any independent grading service in the future and expressly disclaim any other warranties with respect to the coins, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose.  All coins are guaranteed genuine and are graded by ANA standards.

We would be very willing to assist you in selling your quality coins.  Whether we make a generous offer to purchase your coins or to act as your agent to sell your coins under consignment(please see proper forms on website).

No.  We buy everything.  Certified coins, raw coins, currency, scrap gold and silver.  Bring it in and see what it is worth!

Securely package all coins and ship by registered and insured mail to the following address:


861 6th Avenue Suite 409

San Diego, CA 92101

We would also suggest you email us at to let us know what items you are shipping and if you have any specific requests.  Please provide a tracking number with the email so we can monitor the status of the package.

Information and statistics used in the preparation of San Diego Coin Buyers advertising materials, letters, and oral presentations are derived from industry sources that we believe to be reliable.  Any statements or predictions by our staff are opinions only, not statements of fact.  Remember that market conditions are subject to change without notice and no guarantee of accuracy is either expressed or implied.

Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to transactions between you and San Diego Coin Buyers shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association conducted in (California).  Judgement upon the award by the Arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. 

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